Our Mission:

Globiox's mission is to provide our clients with advice that considers their interests beyond anything else in order to help keep our customers, employees, and the world safer through better and more efficient quality systems. 

We will be honest with out customers and employees at all times, we will respect each other's skills and opinions and never allow our integrity to be put in question. We will never stop improving and differentiate ourselves by being the best service provider you have ever worked with.


Globiox (Pronounced glow-be-o) is an all encompassing life science consulting firm. The silent 'x' at the end of our name stands for the unknown variable as in GxP (GMP, GCP, GLP). We are a global consulting firm focused on quality assurance, regulatory affairs, and enterprise quality management systems for all regulated life science industries. 

Globiox was founded on the principles of innovation, efficiency, and results in 2010. With 25 years experience in the life sciences industry, Patti Rossman (CEO & Owner), started Globiox to deliver high-value life sciences consulting. Globiox is proudly a Woman-owned business licensed in the state of Texas with satellite offices in North Carolina and Florida. Our geographic limitations include, The United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, UK, EU, India, China, and more. 

We believe that every customer is unique, and every consulting engagement is different. We go beyond traditional staff augmentation and packaged solutions to provide you with the services you need to meet your business objectives, no more - no less. Whether you need an experienced team to complete a short-term project, or a trusted partner to guide your organization through a long-term transformation, Globiox is here to help.

The hallmarks of any Globiox consulting engagement include:

  •     Results-oriented Project Planning
  •     Well-trained, Expert Staff
  •     Dedication To Quality
  •     Low Overhead And Focus On Efficiency
  •     Continual Customer Access To Project Plan And Engagement Metrics
  •     Document Management And Version Control
  •     Audit-ready Validation Packages
  •     Optimal Value for the Customer

Our Commitment:

We pride ourselves on the value and accuracy of our services and thus commit a full year warranty to each of our clients. "If, during the one (1) year period following submission of our final report, if any, or completion or termination of our services, whichever is earlier, it is shown that there is an error in the report or services as a result of those standards not having been met, and you have promptly notified us in writing of such error within that period, we shall, as our sole liability and your exclusive remedy, perform such corrective services within the original scope of our services as may be necessary to remedy such error." That's the Globiox guarantee!