Migration of Trackwise Data

Project Challenge:

Migration of TrackWise® data after a company acquisition, and limitations of the standard archiving tool.

The Problem:

A large life sciences company acquired another, and the TrackWise® data for the acquired company had to migrated from its parent organization.  Our solution was to use the TrackWise® Archive utility to first move the acquired company’ data into a separate database and then transfer that database to the acquiring company. The Archive utility works by moving entire families of records from the source database to an archive database.  However, the problem was that selecting one record for archiving may move many other related (parent, child, referenced) records, potentially even those that may not belong to the acquired company.

Globiox's Solution:

Our team developed SQL queries to identify all records that were related to the acquired company’s records. We then worked with the Business to safely unlink records unrelated to the acquired company in TrackWise® from records that were going to be archived. That data analysis and preparation enabled the archiving process to proceed as intended, without compromising out-of-scope records, and eliminating the need for rework (un-archive, fix, re-archive).

Project Outcome:

The acquired company’s records were successfully migrated from its original parent organization to the acquiring company.