Challenges of the Medical Device Market for New Manufacturers

Written by: Andrey Grishin, MD, Globiox Consultant Ensuring Quality of the Final Product. Every Medical device manufacturer must guaranty high product quality to avoid costly product recalls and legal issues which can also pose risk to the public. Product recall negatively impacts its brand reputation and the company’s bottom line. Ensuring required product safety, security

Clinical Evaluation Reports (CER) –

Written by: Daniel Miranda, Globiox Consultant Clinical evaluation is a critical, ongoing task that must be performed by medical device manufacturers who market products in the European Union and seek to obtain or maintain a CE mark. This task is completed via creation of a clinical evaluation report (CER). A CER must be created prior

Almost There: Safety and Performance Pathway Option for 510(k) Submissions

Written by: Daniel Miranda, Globiox Consultant On 1/22/2019, the FDA posted their final guidance describing the Safety and Performance Pathway option for 510(k) submissions. This pathway gives another option for medical devices that have technological differences but that are still as safe and effective as a legally marketed predicate device. Typically, in these situations, the