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Globiox is a different kind of life sciences consulting firm, focused on providing you innovation, efficiency and results. We do more than simply augment staff. We work with you to understand your system needs and business objectives, both now and for the future. The result is a solution designed for your business and services customized to meet your goals.

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June 11, 2014

Frequently we get calls from medical device companies telling us that they need to validate their processes, either because a...

	Computer System Validation</p>

Computer System Validation

Globiox offers a complete range of services for your computer validation needs, ensuring that a computerized system complies with regulations...

	Trackwise<sup>®</sup> Services</p>

Trackwise® Services

Throughout the life sciences industry, companies rely on TrackWise® by Sparta Systems. With our proprietary Autobahn technology, we can cut your TrackWise® validation timeline in half...

	Compliance through Validation and Quality Systems Services</p>

Compliance through Validation and Quality Systems Services

Globiox will help prepare or, if necessary, transform your organization to efficiently implement and demonstrate compliance with all relevant regulations and standards...

	Quality Management Systems</p>

Quality Management Systems

Globiox provides quality system implementation and remediation services that allow your company to achieve compliance, reduce costs, manage risk, and promote continuous improvement...

	Clinical Trial Quality Services</p>

Clinical Trial Quality Services

The product of Clinical Trials is data, and you need to protect that data to ensure that it will be accepted by Regulatory bodies...

	Information Technology</p>

Information Technology

Globiox provides services designed for the unique needs of healthcare providers and FDA-Regulated IT departments...